Thermocold - Innovative systems for heating and air conditioning
Heating capacity:
7 kW ÷ 31 kW
Cooling capacity:
3 kW ÷ 15 kW
Heat recovery:
-- kW ÷ -- kW

Product details:

Water Cassette Units

Outdoor temperature: --°C
Max output temperature: --°C

CSS: TRADITIONAL, with motor AC~230V single-phase (asynchronous), 3-Speed
Cooling capacity: 2.9-13.1kW
Heating capacity: 7.0-26.3kW

CSS-E: BRUSHLESS HIGH EFFICIENCY, HEE, motor EC~230V Brushless (modulating)
Cooling capacity: 5.0-15.1kW
Heating capacity: 12.3-30.6kW
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