Tracer® Symbio™ for Enhanced Energy Efficiency and Serviceability

Symbio baner

Controlling large equipment for energy efficiency is critical for focused energy cost management and sustainability initiatives. Decades of global experience in chillers and heat pumps has led to development of the renowned proprietary design Trane Tracer® Symbio™ equipment controller.

It is the industry’s first application-specific and field-programmable controller – providing more flexibility and customizable operation sequences. Building automation systems integration meets industry standards to enable a more integrated process and is made even more flexible with new communication protocol options.

  • Flexibility – as occupant and building needs evolve, Symbio solves present and future challenges. Symbio easily integrates with older systems via open standard protocols.  Upgradeable software also offers proactive cybersecurity updates and future enhancements that comply with changing energy codes.
  • Connectivity – Connected buildings meet occupant demands with ease by allowing secure access to system and equipment data anytime, anywhere. Use data collected by Symbio to remotely monitor, troubleshoot, schedule and control equipment.
  • Serviceability – Symbio can be reprogrammed easily and often with non-proprietary software service tools and built-in interfaces. Users benefit from multi-language support. Utilize detailed event logs, trends, and alarm management to ensure optimized system performance. Symbio automates and streamlines equipment start-up and allows you to remotely diagnose and manage systems.
Features and benefits



Multiple, open standard protocol support (BACnet, Modbus, LON)

Simplified, lower cost, and more flexible integration with common open standard protocols with Trane or competitive BAS systems and controllers.

Common integration strategies and equipment specific points lists

Simplified, lower cost, and uncompromised integration.

Application specific, configurable, and programmable

Reduced project costs with superior reliability, comfort, performance,and installation flexibility.

Smart inputs and outputs

Smart analytics provide superior reliability during the lifetime of the equipment with minimal downtime.

Data logging

Standard, local, or remote intuitive review and analysis of equipment,zone, and building performance.

Local scheduling

Capable of operating in stand-alone scheduled operation without a building automation system, or as a temporary backup schedule – to provide continuous comfort and energy savings.

Micro SD card backup/restore

Faster, low-cost controller replacement with minimal downtime. Up to 10 scheduled controller backups ensure current controller information is maintained.

Access your Symbio 800 controlled equipment from anywhere

Trane Connect™ provides an easy and secure option to connect remotely to a Symbio 800 controller.

Expandable inputs/outputs (I/O)

If additional I/O is required, any combination of XM30, XM32, XM70, and XM90 expansion modules can be used. The Symbio 800 controller supports up to 500 combined I/O terminations

User security with audit trail support

Flexible and secure access for multiple users allows monitoring, overriding/releasing points, custom report editing, and tracking changes by users.

Optional rugged color touch-screen user interface

Allows for easy navigation for viewing data and making operational changes.

Wi-Fi module

Enables the operation of wireless service tools for increased technician productivity and flexibility.

Manuals and documentation

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