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Heva FC: new Chiller Free Cooling

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Thermocold accepts the challenge in the sector of green and sustainable design creating an innovative chiller that uses the largest renewable energy resource existing: the air.

freecoolingThe HEVA FC units, the new Chiller Free cooling designed by Thermocold, are the more efficient solution for the water cooling in every climatic zone charcterized by low outdoor temperatures during the most of the year.


The Free cooling technology permit to chill the water exploiting the low outdoor temperatures producing energy saving up to 70%.

The units are equipped with Eco-profile axial fans, semi-hermetic screw compressors and shell & tube heat exchangers and are available in a wide power range between 312 and 1205 kW.

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noglicoleThe use of ethylene glycol helps to prevent ice from forming in the external coil but in some applications it cannot be used antifreeze solutions. Thanks to an intermediate exchanger in the unit is possible to limit the use of these substances just inside the unit.

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