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The ideal solution to the complex needs of air conditioning in large buildings

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Thermocold Multi-pipe unit at "Rhovalparc" in Alixan – France

In collaboration with the partner FRANCE AÉRAULIQUE, official distributor of Thermocold products in France, a multi-pipe unit was supplied for the air conditioning of the offices at the new large complex building "Rhovalparc" in Alixan.

Once again, the multi-pipe units turn out to be ideal for the conditioning of double exposure buildings, a real challenge from the design point of view considering the widespread problems of this type of building. This solution is able to solve issues such as the need to ensure opposite thermal loads in several environments of the same building, the coexistence of spaces dedicated to different functions, the highly variable thermal loads during the day, the growing demand for high quality of air.

With more than 10 years of experience in multi-pipe units installations, Marc Popis chooses innovation proposing to the customer a Thermocold 4-pipe unit as the best energy-efficient solution to meet the complex air-conditioning needs of the large "Rhovalparc" building. The main need of this installation was to simultaneously heat and cool rooms characterized by a different sun exposure throughout the day.

alixan 2The 4-pipe unit QUATTRO PROZONE 2250 ZMA with integrated hydronic kit, was installed to provide heating and cooling to the air-conditioning plant, which was built with 4-way cassettes and an air-handling unit for fresh air renewal, able to develop a total cooling capacity of approximately 230 kW and a heating capacity of 260 kW.


“One of the strengths of multi-pipe units is the ability to flexibly manage the total capacity provided by the unit and its distribution over different operating modes according to the effective load demand of the plant.” 

says Roberta Nenna, project manager of Thermocold R&D Team, who supervised the first start-up of the unit and the testing of the plant.

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The multi-pipe unit is a winning choice, not only from the technological point of view, but especially considering the energy saving obtained thanks to recovery of cold and hot energy that make the annual energy consumption for a multitube system significantly lower compared to traditional systems, guaranteeing the best energy performance.


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