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constraints inspire geniality1

There is no plant constraint that cannot be overcome with a Thermocold equipment.

Our customers know that the wide Thermocold product portfolio can guarantee the maximum installation flexibility even for the most arduous challenges.

The project developed for the comfort of a military area in Poland demonstrates how it is possible to obtain an efficient and sustainable system even in presence of limited spaces and complex layouts: the client asked for a reliable solution at low energy consumption that could meet specific space requirements.

“There wasn’t different place where these units could be mounted. It was very specific situation and very specific client. It is a very long story.”

declared our partner distributor, proud to have found a complex solution thanks to Thermocold.

A perfect combo for the best comfort
The solution provided to the customer consists of a Modular Full Inverter System composed by five EPIC units connected together in a modular configuration, placed in a very narrow technical compartment with ducts for air discharge possible thanks to high static pressure EC fans ensuring 100 Pa of available pressure.

Able to develop a total cooling capacity of 250 kW, the five chillers are connected in cascade and controlled by the MULTI-MANAGER system, a sophisticated device able to manage by means of a single controller, the main functions and operating modes of a hydronic units group in modular configuration.

constraints inspire geniality2At the service of the military building, for the air conditioning of offices and common areas, the system offers a continue and reliable operation, thanks to the presence of back up units, and excellent performances, ensured by the balanced thermal loads between single modules.

The global efficiency is further increased thanks to the Inverter compressors and the EC fans that make the units able to modulate the capacity produced in function of plant’s load demand optimizing the energy consumption at all working conditions!

This is not the only advantage of Inverter system: the sound level is highly reduced with partial loads and unit’s lifetime of the inverter compressor is highly increased reducing maintenance costs at minimum.

constraints inspire geniality3The idea of offering this powerful combo turned out to be the winning solution that the customer has been searching for desperately: the modular configuration solved the space constraints making possible the positioning of the units along the walls of the small technical compartment, as shown in picture. While the inverter technology allowed optimizing the performance according to the real thermal loads required by the plant, facilitating the achievement of strict project’s requirements in favour of long term interest of the customer.

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