New CWC range with R454B refrigerant!

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Accepting new challenges is our mission. The environmental sustainability objectives we would like achieving by 2030 represent the guidelines to follow in order to offer our customers products with the best performance values on the market and increasingly attentive to respect for our planet thanks to the use of low GWP refrigerants.

The conversion of our product portfolio does not stop ... we proudly present you the entire CWC range, water-to-water chillers and heat pumps, now also available with low GWP R454B refrigerant!

The available versions, listed below, of the new product line with R454B have been designed to meet the different application needs:

  • CWC EA chiller with cooling capacity from 52 to 690 kW;
  • CWC XEA high efficiency chiller with cooling capacity from 53 to 695 kW;
  • CWC HP XEA reversible heat pump with heating capacity from 59 to 792 kW;
  • CWC EA ZME evaporator with cooling capacity from 47 to 640 kW.

Why choose the CWC range with R454B?

Among the advantages, here below some selling points of the R454b models compared to the equivalent R410a range, there are:

  • low GWP refrigerant on a water-water unit with scroll compressors: Thermocold is one of the first on the market to offer this solution;
  • reduced refrigerant charge compared to the same models with R410a gas;
  • extremely compact dimensions with a maximum width of 80 cm: it is highly recommended for installation in technical rooms characterized by narrow spaces;
  • higher seasonal efficiency: average increase of + 7% on SEER and + 4% on SCOP;
  • extended operating map: it is suitable for COMFORT and PROCESS applications! Maximum leaving water temperature up to 65 ° C!

The new product line with R454B has been designed to meet various application needs: as can be seen from the extended operating map, the CWC range is suitable for both COMFORT applications (right side of the graph) and PROCESS applications (left side of the graph) for which it is able to produce water at temperatures below 0 ° C. Among the innovations introduced, for COMFORT applications, the unit in the heat pump version reaches HIGH TEMPERATURES of the water leaving, up to 65 ° C (red area of the graph)!

Discover the features, the technical data and the models on the technical data sheet available in the dedicated CWC EA , CWC XEA and CWC HP XEA product pages.

Do you want to give a look at the unit? See our CWC HP XEA with R454B directly in our stand at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort with the virtual tour!

Do you need additional information and would like to discuss with our team of experts?

Contact  us to receive all the support we are happy to give you.

Discover the full range with R454B: 


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