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After-sales department

Thermocold has been working constantly to make the professional skill, knowledge dynamism, versatility and the fervent business carried out inside the company visible to the outside so as to satisfy the primary requirement of the costumers to have qualified support in all the project creation stages, to basically provide a complete synergy with the company.

There are several costumer support activities starting with the innovative web site, then there is the large amount of congress activity, the writing of articles for the most important reviews of the sector, the organisation of meetings, refreshes courses an company visit and finishing with the excellent after sales service.

Excellent in after-sales means guaranteeing the fine tuning of the installed units and systematically carrying out the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations provided for by tha good rules of the art. This service is a strategic one in that it enables an increase in the useful of the machine of up 50%.

This is the way the Thermocold Assistance Centres are manned by highly qualified technicians who under go continual training courses held in the company.

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