Heating capacity:
-- kW ÷ -- kW
Cooling capacity:
55 kW ÷ 135 kW
Heat recovery:
-- kW ÷ -- kW

Product details:

Air/water chillers with EC axial fans and scroll compressors.
Available also with low GWP R454B refrigerant!

Outdoor temperature: -10°C
Max output temperature: 18°C

C Chillers
D/R Energy versions
L/S Acoustic versions
B/A Hydraulic versions 
SB/SA - XB/XA Hydraulic versions with water tank 

DOMINO SEA system is formed by 11 basic modules with R410a refrigerant and by 10 basic models with R545B refrigerant. These basic modules can be combined among them up to a maximum number of 6, in order to reach the wished power.

MODULAR APPLICATIONS: combinations up to 6 units of equal or different capacity (2-pipe systems) are possible with MULTI-MANAGER.
VERSATILE: 11 or 10 basic models ( it depends on the chosen refrigerant) from 55 to 135 kW which can be combined among them, up to a maximum number of 6, in order to reach the wished power.
COMPACT AND LIGHT, thanks to the innovative design that optimizes the overall dimensions.
ECOLOGICAL, R410a refrigerant charge lower on all chillers thanks to the use of micro-channels coils.
- EFFICIENT, high efficiency at total and partial loads (EER up to 3,2 and SEER up to 4,43 and SEPR HT up to 5,32).
EASY TO INSTALL: The installation of units in modular configuration is facilitated by the new hydraulic connection kit that allows an easy and quick connection of the individual modules.
EASY TO HANDLE: thanks to the compact and light design.
EASY TO MAINTAIN: Complete accessibility of all components and easily removable electrical panel.

• Compressors scroll.
• EC axial fans statically and dynamically balanced.
• Evaporator stainless steel AISI 316 brazed plate type externally insulated complete of differential pressure switch and antifreeze protection electric heater.
• Air-cooled microchannel condenser coils with aluminum fin construction.
• Electronic expansion valve.
• Microprocessor.
• Casing and panels in galvanised and painted steel.
• Communication card RS485.

The benefits coming from the advanced controller, provided as standard on all models, are:

- Interfaceability with Multi-Manager system and e-Manager+ remote control;
- Set point management: regulation based on the inlet or outlet water temperature, as required by the probe; 
- Compatibility with BMS systems (ModBus RS485, Bacnet TCP/IP e MS/TP, Lontalk);
- Remote control through digital contacts;
- Dynamic Set Point/Energy Saving/Auto ON-OFF.

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Application type: OFFICE BUILDINGS
Product name: DOMINO SEA 1125 ZC XB - Power: 240kW

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